Photography DaMarko Giancarlo
Wardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen 
Grooming Mirlen Quesada
Hair Sophia Porter
Interview Kyra Greene 

You have a love for country western music, where does that stem from?

I have an appreciation for all types of music but when it comes to country music, I do gravitate towards the outlaw western music. My grandfather introduced me to the tunes of Johnny Cash and I began singing at a young age.

You have a penchant for taking in animals, how many animals have you rescued and what kind are they?

Oh boy! As of right this moment, our family includes six cats, four dogs including a ten year old pitbull-husky mix, a schnauzer mix and two French bulldogs, two guinea pigs, one turtle, and six ducks; all are rescues with their own unique story. It is a full house for sure but the reward is well worth it!

You come from a very artistic family. How did that influence your current profession?

My mom is a photographer and my sister a singer/guitarist. If I wasn’t in front of the camera lens hamming it up then I was jamming with my sister. I began performing at a very young age, singing in church and acting in local plays. It was only a matter of time that I would make the natural transition to find my own spotlight.

You’ve been pretty busy since getting the role of Loren in the Rack Pack. From guest roles on shows with cult followings like Shameless, the Rookie, and NCIS: NOLA, what has been your favorite guest role thus far?

It’s been a privilege to continue to work on so many cool shows! I really enjoyed working with Lucas York on “NCIS: NOLA” but my favorite role so far would be The Rookie. It was the first role I’ve ever booked with choreographed fight scenes. At one point my co-star ended up giving me a little love tap because I forgot to duck on cue.

What’s the biggest difference between North Carolina and your current residence in California? Which do you prefer?

The biggest contrast is the ability to be more immersed in nature at my rural home in North Carolina, as compared to the metropolitan lifestyle I lead in Southern California. I don’t prefer one over the other because they both scratch different itches within me. It is fun playing city mouse and country mouse at the same time.

What can you tell us about your character Corby on Killing It?

In the first episode we see Corby following his dad as a cameraman, often rolling his eyes as teenagers do, while capturing his father’s unsuccessful, wilderness YouTube channel. As Corby’s character evolves throughout the season, we see there is more to Corby than just video gaming, self-centered teen. There is a pivotal moment where Corby begins to reorient his thinking in more of a familial direction and will stop at nothing to help his father achieve his dreams.

What has been the best part of working with Craig Robinson?

There’s never a dull moment and there are far too many to list! Craig is extremely kind and funny. He truly makes everyone feel like family and was a wonderful mentor that shared invaluable insight on the industry. A few of my favorite memories with Craig include: learning about snakes, singing together on and off set, and trying to keep a straight face when he’d purposefully try to make me laugh in the middle of a take.

Did you ever think you’d be working on an irreverent comedy?

I had always hoped of working on a comedy but often leaned towards more dramatic roles. I knew given the right role in a comedy project, especially one that happen to slightly off-kilter, would be right up my alley. The creators and writers of “Killing It” are incredible. With a series that explores dark undertones they perfectly execute those comedic moments for our audience.

Do you and Craig ever jam or talk about music with one another?

If there is a piano around, everyone is jamming! Craig and his brother Chris Rob, performed at the “Killing It” premiere. Craig invited me on to the stage to rap along with him to an Eminem song. I’m ready for my Eminem biopic!

Who is your favorite Highwayman?
Johnny Cash. No one does it like the man in black!-


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