Photographer DaMarko GianCarlo
Makeup and Hair Mirlen Quesada
Wardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen

Where were you born?
I was born in Montreal, Canada. I grew up there as well and all of my childhood memories come from this lovely city.

You speak 3 languages which Language do you dream?
I dream in English. I learned English first and only had the opportunity to speak Chinese with my parents until I left to pursue my career in China.

What age did you leave Canada to Beijing?
I left Canada at the age of 17, right after graduating high school. I auditioned for Beijing Film Academy and was chosen as one of the lucky 50 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in acting.

Why Beijing?
I was always curious about my roots. There was not much representation back then in media and I was searching to learn more about myself.

Where did you learn your craft of acting in Beijing?
I went to Beijing Film Academy and did my bachelor’s degree in film acting. It was definitely a jump start for my career in acting since it’s one of the major schools in film in Asia.

Was there any culture shock moving from Canada to Beijing?
Oh absolutely. It was shocking how different I was despite looking quite similar to everyone else in China. It took me honestly a few years to really adapt a bit more.

You we’re very active in the film scene in China and acted in several films you portrayed the lead role of “Wei Wei” in the award-winning feature Father and Hero and won the Best New Actor Award at New Zealand’s Asia Pacific Film Festival for your role: Did that put a lot of pressure on you as an actor for future projects ?

I think it was more of a validation that I was doing okay. The leap of faith I had taken was perhaps the correct one. It really pushed me to continue working hard and bringing an even better version of myself forward.

You are currently on Kung Fu reimaging of the 1972 series of the same name. What made you decide to try television?
Television acting gives characters more opportunity to really develop a full arc. I’ve always loved characters who have depth and a story to tell.

Is there a different approach to television since you are coming from a film world?
The pace is much faster. The reaction time between the actors dialogue, the speed of filming, everything goes faster. In television acting, I feel like there’s more emphasis on the dialogue and that pushes the story forward.

Once you were cast did you ever watch the 1972 series?

I didn’t, but I did watch the first season of the remake of Kung Fu. I didn’t want to be influenced by the original style. I just wanted to bring forward the most authentic version I could for Mia.

Tell us about your character Mia
Mia is a tough one. She’s been through all of her loved ones dying but despite that, she moves forward and doesn’t take anything from anyone. She has a hard shell and is impulsive, which comes from her lack of trust in anyone. She’s very vulnerable and just wants to find her truth.

Do you and Mia share any similar qualities?
Absolutely. I can be strong but vulnerable at the same time. Family is also just as important to her as it is to me.

Did you have to do any Kung Fu pre-training for your role?
Yes, we did. All the actors on the show would be pulled into the stunt warehouse to practice any fight scenes we would have to do in the episode ahead of time. The action team is honestly so professional and the choreographies they envision are out of this world.

Do you do a majority of the stunts and they only bring in the stunt person for the major moves?
I had a stunt double, who really helped sell the strength of Mia. My stunt double deserves the credit as well as the whole action team.

When you are not acting, what are some of your other passions?
I’m a huge music lover. You can probably find me listening to music all the time. I also love seeing other people happy, so you could also probably find me hosting some event and blasting music haha.


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