Photographer DaMarko GianCarlo
Grooming Mirlen Quesada
Interview Brave Wolf

Where were you born ?
Toronto, Ontario in Canada

Growing up in Canada, when did you first get introduced to acting?
I got introduced to acting in Grade 6, a teacher got our who grade to participate

Do you get a different feeling when doing Theatre as opposed to film and television?
Theater is one of my favorite mediums, there is something about a live audience that raise the stakes for me, I really enjoy it.

You starred in the critically acclaimed film Black Cop directed by Cory Bowles : When you first read the script were you immediately drawn into your character ?
I was like….damn. I loved the perspective flip, I was really excited because I saw how important a film it could be.

Not only did the film win VIFF Best Canadian Feature Film : As a character you won Best Actor in a Canadian Film : Did you feel after seeing the film more would be expected as an actor from that point on because you delivered an incredible performance ?
No not at all, I approach every character with the same dedication and commitment, fun fact is I got the script around 2 weeks before going to camera.

Although Black Cop is several years old, do you feel the message is still relevant in today’s social / political climate?
100% what makes Black Cop so special in my opinion is that it is timeless, I feel perspective is key to understanding, and Black Cop allows the viewer a potentially different perspective, and a much needed one.

You have done several tv shows from that point but let’s talk about Star Trek for one moment : were you familiar with the franchise before you were cast?
Yes I use to watch TNG.

Before you left Star Trek, was there a little part of you that was nervous because you were leaving a whole world that had a built-in audience?
Maybe for a moment, but I also understood that I had to bet on myself and trust in my ability to make things happen, and I also learned so much from being with Trek for 4 years, and was able to instill a quiet confidence.

You play Zeke Garett, a train porter on BET+’s “The Porter”?
Zeke is a Porter that is fighting to get unionization for himself and his fellow porters.

The Porter is set in the 1920’s in Montreal. Is this based on true events ?
There are elements of truth for sure.

Is it true that being a train porter in Canada during the 1920’s was a thankless job reserved for Black men only?
That’s right, the time came when slavery had recently been abolished and black workers were known to be great workers for little to know pay as a result of that.

This must have been met with resistance from every angle?
There is still resistance in 2022 so, we can only imagine what it would be like in the 20s.

Why is it important for people to watch The Porter?
It’s important to watch The Porter because it glorifies Black ambition, joy and love, while educating and entertaining. And gives inspiration, because the journey is so similar to many of the people that will be watching.

Between the set design and costumes did you really think at times you were in the 1920’s?
Oh yeah, the wardrobe and set design team really out did themselves, the work they did really made becoming the character effortless because everything felt so real and authentic.

Currently on Netflix you play a FBI agent on The Man From Toronto opposite Kevin Hart:
How hard was it hold back your laughter when Jencarlos Canela said he would take Kevin’s wife out?
It was extremely hard, I may have even smiled a little.

How fun was it to shoot a scene with the versatile actor Woody Harrelson?
It was epic, but it was actually a reunion with Woody, I had worked with him before. He’s always been very gracious and humble. While shooting he, Jencarlos and I would play basketball once or twice a week, if shooting allowed.

In addition to season 2 of The Porter, what else would Ronnie Rowe like to present to the world : maybe a book of poetry? possibly a spoken word album?
Oh there are things lol. People should be on the look out for my brand “3GY” it stands for “Go Get Your Greatness” Its a movement to inspire people to go after their goals like only they can. And after that, a book on self help and manifestation


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