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Ramona Young is a talented 23-year-old American actress, musician, writer, and artist who describes herself as a fun, nerdy girl. Sometimes her personality can be a bit introverted although she admits, this can sound a little strange for an actress. She has always cautiously preferred to be able to accurately analyzing and meditating her movements, also she is characterized by her adorable fascination with animals and nature.

Ramona has had to deal with and adapt from a very young age to an unusual lifestyle that led her to live between two big and different continents, the Asian and the American. This has been a great advantage to be able to grow up surrounded by two powerful and different cultures, customs and even the opportunity to function perfectly with the speaking of three languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

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Having to live the first years of her childhood moving frequently has even led her to reach a high level of sensitivity, reinforcing empathy about situations and people different from her reality, awakening her interest in her surroundings and being this without knowing it, one of the great characteristics that an actor needs to have to develop in the best way in his artistic career.

Ramona and Her Fascinating Artistic Career

Ramona from a very young age showed great interest in the world of art from music to drawing, so she decides to try into this world and inscribed in an acting course, without having an idea that this harmless decision was going to decided her future in the acting world.

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She made her first major debut with one of her first acting jobs in the ABC comedy: Super Fun Night (2013) created by Rebel Wilson, followed by other incredible performances in her career such as: Z Nation (2016), Man Seeking Woman (2017) Santa Clarita Diet (2017) and her most recent work for the talented Netflix network: Never Have I Ever (2020).Ramona in her short but successful career has managed to excel in her career as a professional, thanks to one of her greatest and most valuable characteristics: her great talent to be able to function in multiple and diverse characters as an actress.

A great example of this characteristic is her incredible work in the series: The Real O’Neals (2015) in which it is up to Ramona to play the unforgettable character of Allison, a lesbian teenager. Being able to interpret and move between different roles in her acting career is something that she assures makes her feel very proud, being this one of the most important qualities of some actors whom she admires.

One of her great professional dreams is to be able to dedicate herself completely to producing projects such as television series and movies, a profession in which Ramona was already able to take her first steps in her first short Reflections (2015) where she had the freedom and great opportunity to write, produce and even star.

Never Have I Ever”

One of the most recent job opportunities that Ramona has experienced is being able to be part of the cast of the popular series for teenage audiences on the Netflix streaming platform “Never Have I Ever”, created by Mindy Kaling / Lang Fisher, which Its first season was launched in 2020 and it is on the eve of its new episodes this coming July 2021.”Never Have I Ever” is a surprising and novel comedy series in which its protagonist Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), is an Indian-American high school student who, after recovering from a physical problem, her only goal is to join with her two best friends Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) start a new year with new and great experiences, such as exploring their sexuality through their adolescence and leaving behind the bad experiences they lived the previous year.

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Through this comedy series you can enjoy different cultures and experiences as exotic as Indian culture with an excellent combination of actors and a very fresh and fun theme, although it has been a series created for teenage followers, it can actually reach the attention of any audience regardless of age.

Eleanor Wong

The outgoing and unforgettable teenager Ramona is in charge of giving life to the fabulous character of Eleanor, one of the best friends of the protagonist Devi Vishwakumar. She tells us that she has really enjoyed this incredible opportunity to participate in this successful series, since as she assures at no time this series felt like a job, for her it is like going out to lunch with her friends, this being the result of closeness and complicity that she has achieved with the entire cast, something that makes her feel very happy.

Eleanor Wong is an Asian girl who lives with two great obsessions: the idealization of her mother and with achieving one day to become a great actress, so this character tends to be a bit quite dramatic with an outgoing personality and always accompanied by her surprising and unforgettable outfits revealing their vibrant personality.

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It is important to highlight the naturalness in which Ramona perfectly managed to implement security in her character, this being an essential characteristic to achieve the exotic personality of Eleanor Wong.

For this second season of “Never Have I Ever”, Ramona tells us that it was a little more difficult to enjoy the filming and the cast since with the situation of the COVID19 pandemic, greater restrictions were obtained and being able to take advantage of the coexistence between actors in the same way as the first season did, but fortunately it was concluded successfully and satisfactorily.

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In the second season of “Never Have I Ever” that will premiere on the Netflix platform, Ramona assures us that it will be full of much more drama, love triangles with the new characters and adventures even much more exciting than the first season, so we have to be aware of its premiere. Ramona Young has shown us once again with her latest work, “Never Have I Ever” her incredible talent, so we will look forward to all her future projects, being completely sure that she will surprise us once again.


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