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Nick Creegan, hailing from White Plains, New York, is a rising star who has been turning heads with each of his projects since he transitioned from his journalism career to acting for a living. The 28-year-old actor and producer is steadfast in staying the course as he makes waves in TV and film.

His most exciting wave thus far is making history as the first Black actor to portray the infamous Joker as ‘Marquis Jet’, an iteration of the DC character, in the third season of “Batwoman” on The CW. With this dream opportunity, that he describes as coming at the perfect time, Creegan is able to showcase his range as the character grows increasingly unstable throughout the season.

The Joker has been an unforgettable and classic villain throughout history that has been present in many people’s childhoods, including Creegan’s. Having the opportunity to embody such an iconic character, who has been played in the past by movie legends such as Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto, has been a “surreal, uniquely unforgettable experience”. Being one of his favorite characters, the job undoubtedly filled him with great enthusiasm. His inspiration for the role was the nuanced portrayals that the other legendary actors delivered, his own personal experiences and battles with anxiety, and mixing it with the dark humor he shares with the Joker.

A strong believer that nothing is impossible, Creegan’s purpose through film and TV is to transmit positivity to all those who are working to achieve their dreams.

This great passion that accompanied his childhood, adolescent life and part of his adult life, led him to make the decision to want to play this role in a more professional way. Nick, dedicated himself completely to sports journalism for at least six years, a path that would later lead him to discover his love for acting.

Creegan discovered his comfort around people and communicating to them at a young age. Already understanding his love for the story behind the spotlight, he pursued sports journalism throughout college and for six years of his career. Realizing how personally fulfilling acting was, in 2018 he began making parody sketches and skits for Instagram – one viral skit of him as basketball Stephen Curry being noticed by casting director Carmen Cuba, who insisted he audition for OWN’s drama series DAVID MAKES MAN, which he ultimately was casted in. This viral moment opened the door for Creegan’s acting journey to take form.

Nick Creegan went on to secure the recurring role of ‘Richard “Richie” Wheatley, Jr.’, son of the Mafia-tied businessman played by Dylan McDermott, in NBC’s hit spin-off LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME. Then, the global pandemic could not stop Creegan from creating in 2020. He leveraged his quarantine time and co-created and produced an independent short film called “A Balcony in Brooklyn”, which Nick and a group of aligned friends shot in his Brooklyn apartment. This short is set at a party where the pandemic has lasted through to year 2025.

We could not end this incredible conversation without first asking about Creegan’s plans in 2022 and what he expects from the future. His immediate expectation is a fourth season of BATWOMAN, in which he could continue to expand on his playfully dark character, Marquis Jet. Creegan also hopes to diversify his experiences through producing and taking on roles in thoughtful new projects.

When Creegan isn’t zeroing in on his rise to stardom in the film and TV space, he is living out his love of exploring the world. With Jamaican and Irish roots, Creegan considers himself a world traveler constantly looking to feed his soul with new cultures. He has already visited about 22 countries and plans to add many more stamps onto his passport through his personal and professional endeavors.


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