Photography DaMarko GianCarlo
Wardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen
Makeup Dion Xu
Hair Leo Valentino
Written By Kyra Greene

You have been voice acting for quite some time (Elena of Avalor, The last Kids on Earth, The Lego Star Wars, Craig the creek ). How does it compare to being in the room with other actors? What is really fun about voice acting is that you are in the room with other people, so even though we aren’t behind the camera, we can feed off each other.

You’ve been apart of more than one show with enthusiastic fans? How do you cope?
I fortunately haven’t had a crazy experience, everyone who has come up to me has been really sweet and just wanted a picture. So, nothing too intense yet.

How does it feel to be apart of cult video games like Ben 10 and League of Legends?
I am super big fan of a video games so it is really really cool that I get to voice them. I tried to play “League of Legends” and I have so much respect for people who can play that game and do it in teams.

Your voice is very prevalent in cartoons and video games, does it often get recognized?
It is really cool when my family and friends play and recognize my voice in it. They say it sounds just like me, and a lot of the voices I do are just my regular voice, but sometimes my voice is a little higher or lower depending on the character. But they usually still recognize me.

Do you play video games? If so which ones?
BioShock is my favorite video game of all time, all of them. I also like ‘Til Dawn and Beyond: Two Souls. My favorite kind of video games are horror games.

Many of roles you choose are strong, distinctly Latine (Victor/Valentino, Lowrider, Jane the Virgin, Solidarity) is this done by design or is it a happy accident?
Those roles have chosen me and it is with great pride and honor that I get to play these characters. Representation is so important.

How was shooting in the horror genre with a predominantly female cast?
It is so awesome because it made me feel like I wasn’t the only female horror fan out there. It was great to put together a horror film with other women that also tackles a really important topic of what it is like to be a young woman in the world. It was really an awesome experience and the women I made the film with are absolutely my tribe.

You just wrapped Solidarity, a story of parallelism. Can you expound on how that story resonates in your own life?
It resonates with me because it is a strong Mexican role. The film is entirely in Spanish and that is a big thing for me as I would love to do projects both in with Mexico and Latin America and here. It was great to become this character in one of my other tongues. It made me feel very proud and reminded me of my roots and how I grew up. I got to use those experiences from growing up to do what I love. For instance, I wasn’t allowed to speak Spanish in class, so being able to act in Spanish felt so great. It is a prominent side of me, and to do what I love in the language that I love was really incredible.

Whats your favorite tea?
Least favorite tea? Favorite tea has to be peach green tea, and least favorite is Matcha, I just cannot with Matcha.

What stories are you currently writing?
I am working on a full-length feature that is a psychological horror film. The producers of “Student Body” are working with me on it and I am so happy and grateful to them that they believe in me. We should start to filming soon and I can’t wait to get it out there.

In Student Body you play Jane is a math savant who has the problems of adult at times. How do you feel this role is important to teens or anyone who will watch it in the current climate?
I think it’s important because it shows other young women going through high school that you are not alone. There are a lot of things related to Jane wanting to fit in, wanting to be with this group and people and doing whatever it takes to be liked. That’s a big thing in high school, figuring out what clique you fit into, and I think it’s important for boys and girls to see that sometimes you will meet people who aren’t good for you and its okay to walk alone. It’s good to speak up for what is right and for friends who are going through something similar to Jane to support each other. And mostly to believe victims and look out for those signs with those around you.


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