Watch Megan Thee Stallion perform and you’ll see an athlete in motion. She’s hovering inches from the ground, legs in a wide low squat, knees practically defying the rules of human mechanics while she twerks and raps. Each time she does, it’s a liberating move not just for the Houston, Texas rapper — and her bionic knees — but for anyone inspired by how her body stays so effortlessly in motion. What she does isn’t just movement. This is an elite athlete at work who is getting Hotties across the world to see that sport is whatever you make it.

“Dance is my sport. Performing is my sport. Rapping is my sport. And if you think this don’t take no work and no effort and no sweat, you’re wrong.”
– Megan Thee Stallion

Growing up tall and built, Megan was naturally spurred on by family and friends to try different sports, from basketball to volleyball to track. But when she found dance, she found a positive outlet that boosted her confidence and helped her see herself as an athlete. “Dance was something that stuck with me and sat right in my spirit,” she says.

In an effort to inspire others with the Stallion spirit, Megan has become a frequent motivating force for her fanbase, the Hotties, as she’s renewed her focus around health and wellness. “I love my body, first of all. That’s number one. I’m curvy, I’m thick, I’m tall. But I definitely want to make sure I’m keeping myself healthy, mentally and physically,” she says. With a growing community of Hotties in support, she keeps herself accountable while encouraging others to set manageable goals. It’s important for her to show fans not just visible progress but also the challenging parts of the journey.


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