By Melissa Rojas
Edited By Kyra Greene
Photographer DaMarko GianCarlo
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Marcel Spears has a smile that can light up a whole room with a spirit to match. Spears is the oldest son of a family with a very defined religious identity in which they had certain expectations of his future, which would be without doubt, work for the church naturally following in his father’s footsteps. At just 19 years old, Marcel decides to communicate to his family from that moment on he would dedicate himself professionally to the world of entertainment. Spears was clear that it would not be an easy road for a humble black boy from New Orleans, but it was a calling he had to answer.

One of these interesting anecdotes is that of his great admiration for hats and how it all started. Spears tell us, his great hobby began years ago in a hat store in New York, where he remembers how an elegant and mysterious gentleman who turned out to be the owner, went to him, pointed and said “ you are an artist and I have the hat perfect for you”, with these simple words and from that moment, Marcel Spears knew without a doubt that hats were going to be the perfect accessory that would always accompany him, accumulating in his collection from formal to baseball hats.

Marcel Spears has managed to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time with his talent, professionalism and charisma. His first great approach to the show was an international tour of play in Africa entitled Antigone, facing situations such as low budget, a whole team of only 6 people and a tour that lasted about two months. Marcel thought if he could get through this then he could get over any other hurdles in his way moving forward.

A great experience that although he assures cannot be measured in terms of great monetary gain, the experiences that he was able to cycle through were much more valuable. Marcel knew that when he graduated, one of his priorities was to earn money and show that he could get ahead, but he was also clear that before was able to build and spread his talent outside of New Orleans he was consciously making a sacrifice he would value for his upcoming future.

For Marcel each and every one of the jobs in which he has had the opportunity to perform inside or outside the artistic environment has been of great value, mentioning that he likes to define himself in this case like a person with two personalities: One that is more dreamy, where he can see himself as a poet, artist and his other personality in which he identifies more with his scientific part of his brain, where he would love to be able to work with animals, a cause for which he also has his heart focused on. Marcel smiles even bigger as he tells us about his great experience in New Orleans at his young age of 14, where he had the opportunity to work at the zoo, something that still remains dear to his heart.

Jacket BoohooMan

When referring to the trajectory of Marcel Spears, two professional successes come to light indisputably which have defined his career, the first would be his participation on the television series “The Mayor” (2017), this being his first great blessing “You don’t know you need it until you have it”.

His participation in “The Mayor” was his first opportunity to earn enough money to be able to move directly to the city of entertainment: Los Angeles, landing a job right out the gate, something that does not happen to many people who start in entertainment early on. In addition to having a fantastic and fun job Marcel had the opportunity to work with a great cast. The cast welcomed him as part of their family immediately. Definitely a great experience that he treasures.

Currently on its fourth season Marcel can be found as one of the ensemble cast members on“The Neighborhood” ( airing on CBS) Marcel describes this experience as “Mind Blowing”. For Spears it is something unreal to be able to visualize on television a poor black boy from New Orleans sharing the stage with actors which he considers Comedy Icons . Actors whom Spears has always idolized and grew up watching them on television, all from the living room of his house along with your community.

Jacket Natalie Yousefli
Pants International Concepts
Sweater Calvin Klien
Shoes Camper

“The Neighborhood ” has become for Spears a great dream that he does not want to end, also having the complete and full assurance that his parents, upon seeing him debuting in this incredible show, ended up convinced that their oldest son Marcel, chose the correct path.

Marcel Spears already has 2022 planned out, first he hopes The Neighborhood will get a season 5 renewal and then he is determined to progress and climb the steps as an actor, dedicating himself a little more to writing and leaving the door open for anything interesting that will organically come his way .

Track Suit Fred Perry
Sneakers John Geiger

I ended the conversation by asking Spears about his dreams for the future 3-5 years ahead of 2022? His vision is very clear. In the artistic part: Marcel wants to dedicate his influence and access to stories where people of color are valued and have real opportunities that today they are struggling to have, in short he wants to make the door wider for the next generation. On a personal level Marcel wants to be able to buy a house for his mother and with additional money support young people with low resources, who want to dedicate themselves to the world of entertainment to fulfill their dreams just like Marcel is doing everyday.


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