Photographer DaMarko GianCarlo 
Creative Direction Pierre Giovanni 
Wardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen 
Hair & Makeup Mirlen Quesada 

This the second season of the Hardy Boys, what are you looking forward to the most about the show?

I’m really excited to hear what people think of our energy this time around. We’re set in the summer, and we’ve got a backdrop of 80s-themed parades, drive-ins, and school dances to keep us busy. It really feels like a new wave is pushing through Bridgeport, and I can’t wait for people to fall in love with the nostalgia of the town and get hooked into the mystery all over again.

What do you think Callie Shaw is looking forward to this season?

Callie has a lot more bite to her this season. She’s really trying to process everything that has happened to her over the last year, and so we find her in the midst of picking up the pieces. She’s trying to work out where she’s going next, and with her dream of attending Rosegrave all of a sudden shattered, she’s got a lot of big decisions to make. It was really interesting to play into her vulnerability, have her make mistakes, and dive into this more intimate side of her. Her can-do attitude takes a spin, and I think she’ll surprise you this season.

What do you enjoy most about working on the show?

The team is just absolutely incredible. My castmates are geniuses slash some of the funniest people I know. Our key creatives are so collaborative and open to us–it really does feel like family. I enjoy that we all enjoy being there… and that ‘work’ never really feels like work. Lucky me!

How do you think that this version of the Hardy Boys compares to previous iterations? Is It better?

It’s definitely the most contemporary iteration. This season really feels like it grows up with the cast, and we invite the audience to tag in all our teenage antics. We’ve also put forward nuanced characters that come from very different walks of life, and I think that representation piece is something audiences will really be able to connect with. It’s a special little series.

Are you a detective in your own life?

Ha. Yes. I feel I’ve always got some problem to solve. Now whether that’s good or a bad–I’m not entirely sure–but I do like to get to the bottom of things. I was big on the board game Clue growing up, and my hands-down favorite tv show as a kid was Kiefer Sutherland’s 24. So, yes. Think I’ve got a natural knack for detective work.

You previously had a guest role on Titans. What would your dream superhero role be?

I’d be down for the ability to time travel. Maybe not so much into the future, but I’d love to visit the past. As a kid, my favorite superhero flick was the Hulk I think? Kinda ironic for how small I was.

You are a native of Toronto, how has been being able to shoot in Canada?

It was lovely to shoot during the summer months (mind you, filming during the winter in Canada is not the ideal situation!). Summer in Toronto is my favorite. And it felt so good to get a chance to hang out after set or on weekends with the cast, and be a bit of a tour guide for those new to the city.

Being a twin what have you ever been mistaken for by a fan, to be your sister?

I think the closest to this we’ve got is a few messages from people online being genuinely confused as to who is who. Something along the lines of them questioning my sister’s page as a whole and thinking I had two profiles running, haha. In highschool, we definitely used to have a bit more fun with this–getting away with attendance schemes and constantly being mistaken by our teachers.

What projects would you like to work with your sister on?

I’d love to do some sort of trippy psychological-thriller with her. I feel we haven’t got a modern-day “The Shining” twin moment. Perhaps it’s something my sister and I could co-write. The two of us have been collaborating on our passion project, Double Take, for a while now–writing, drafting, and developing a drama about twin sisters, whenever we have downtime from acting. Something about being twins makes us the perfect collaborators. It’s a work in progress, but can’t wait to share more when the time comes!


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