By Kyra Greene
Wardrobe Styling: Sarah Mk Paris
Photographer: DaMarko GianCarlo
Grooming: Angelina Marie Broyles 

What’s you’re next producing/directing project?
I’m always looking to help out my friends who are making short films. I know so many talented people that are doing incredible things. I wouldn’t say I ever really set out to be a “producer,” but I love supporting people I believe in. So I don’t know! I suppose it’ll be the next thing one of my friends does!

How did Roommates come about?
Back in 2014-2015 my career was moving slowly. I had been recurring on a show that got cancelled and I kept getting close on projects but I wasn’t booking. As it turned out, my friends were experiencing the same lull. One day my best friend and I decided that we were tired of waiting for someone to give us permission to work so we started writing a series for ourselves and our roommates. We had no idea what we were doing, but we just wrote what we thought was funny! I don’t know how much of it holds up, but I do know we all had a blast doing it.

Would you do another season of Roommates?
I would love to do another season! And I’m sure all of my former roommates would say the same thing. We had so much fun in that time. My writing partner Matt and I have expressed on several occasions what we would change if we had the chance. I think that’s the beauty of having someone to work off of. We’re always challenging each other to grow and be better. Ultimately, I think another season would be a dream, but I don’t think we’ll get that chance. Everyone is thriving right now, and that’s honestly the best ending I could hope for!

How has it been working with Ginnifer Goodwin?
Absolutely incredible. I was a huge fan before joining the show, and now I’m an even bigger fan. She is the kindest person, and most generous scene partner. An absolute professional. She is so good at reading a moment and recognizing what a scene needs. She’s also just wonderful to talk to between scenes. We both knit a lot so we share lots of patterns and projects with each other. I feel very lucky to get to play opposite her and I think she’s perfectly cast in this.

What has been your favorite genre to work in?
Comedy has always been my first love. Growing up, I watched a lot of comedies. I would watch the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis show over and over again, just studying Jerry’s style. Since I was a kid, humor has been what I use for everything- meeting new people, getting out of trouble, hanging out with friends, anything. Nothing makes me happier than making people laugh.

How was working on a bay watch style show, for kids?
Honestly, so much fun. I hate the beach, but I would get so excited to go to work because I loved all the people I was working with. I had done a show with the creators, Jed and Scott, a couple years before and I always have so much fun with them. They basically gave me permission to try anything I wanted, and they’re so funny too so if I was searching for a joke they would just step right in and be like “try this.” We just work really well together.

Bless this mess was filled with veteran actors, how did that help you grow?
“Bless This Mess” was my first series regular role ever, and I was so nervous when I started. Especially when I would go to table reads and sit between Pam Grier and Ed Begley Jr. They all made me feel so welcome, so fast. And everyone was so professional and lovely to work with. It really showed me that no matter how big and legendary you get, you can always be nice to the people you’re working with. That cast did everything they could to make our crew’s jobs as easy as possible. And that’s a really special thing.

Who was your favorite person to work with on Bless this Mess?
Oh, I don’t have a favorite! I know that probably sounds like a cliché, or a cop out but I really don’t! Even to this day I talk to, and see cast members regularly! It was so sad when I got the call that we wouldn’t be returning because they had all become like family to me! I couldn’t imagine not seeing them every day. My girlfriend and I even hosted a dinner at our apartment and nearly the entire cast came. It was just a really special group!

“Life in Year” came out in the midst of the pandemic, like many other movies it didn’t get the credit it was due: what would you want people to know about this coming of age story…
“Life in a Year” holds such a special place in my heart. At the time I did it, it was the biggest project I had ever been a part of. Even now, I consider it to be one of the most moving films I’ve ever gotten to do. Jaden and Cara are acting their hearts out in it. When I got to see it for the first time, I cried – and I never cry. I hope more and more people continue to discover it because it really is such a beautiful movie. Everyone worked so hard on it, and it deserves all the love!

You got to be in the series finale of Shameless as well as guest starring spot on ICarly. While they’re two incredibly different shows Did you feel a big responsibility to these roles because of their iconic status in American pop culture?
Absolutely! When I got to the “Shameless” set, it was like “whoa, there’s a real energy here.” I mean, those cast members had been working on that show for so long and it’s made such an impact on society! You couldn’t help but feel the pressure. I think I got more calls and messages about that episode than anything else I’ve done. And with “ Carly,” it was just surreal to be there. I watched that show all the time growing up. I never thought in a million years that I’d actually be on it. And not only was I on the show, I got to be on the show within the show! 12 year old JT was flipping out almost as much as adult JT.

How often do you get back to Texas?
I try to get back as much as I can. I hate missing my niece and nephew’s big life moments so if its possible to be there for them, I will be. I definitely always hit the major holidays too. I haven’t missed a Christmas or a Thanksgiving yet. My whole family is there, so I definitely start to miss them after a while. Being an actor can be hard sometimes because I never know what my schedule will be, but I always try to find the time to sneak back.

Did you ever thank that 7th grade English teacher for giving you that ultimatum?
I did! But it was way back when I very first started. I don’t know where she is now, but I’d really like to give her a proper thank you now. Had she not made me audition for the one act play, I probably wouldn’t be here right now doing this. There’s really no telling what I’d be doing. I’m not qualified to do anything else. I’m barely qualified to do this! I have a lot to thank her for.

What can we expect from Pivoting?
Lots of laughter and lots of heart. I think the loss of a loved one is something many of us are intimately familiar with, and Pivoting does a wonderful job bringing humor to it while still recognizing the pain it creates. This cast has been working so hard too. I think people will be very moved when they see it.

How do you and your partner deal with the hectic schedules of both of you being working actors?
It can be really hard sometimes. We’ve both had to miss big life moments with each other and that’s not easy. But Angelina is so patient, and understanding, and we make sure to communicate with each other. I think that’s the key. Being able to communicate your feelings to someone who will receive and hear what you’re saying is invaluable in a relationship. There’s so much that’s out of our control because of the nature of this business, but we can always be open and honest with each other.

What is your dream creative role?
I have always wanted to play Elvis Presley. Like, young Elvis Presley in an origin story film. I recognize now that I’ve likely aged out of that, so maybe a wartime Elvis would be okay. His life and story has been so fascinating to me since I was a kid, and Rockabilly music is some of my favorite music. There have been some great books written about him that unpack all the myth that surrounds him and shows who he was as a human being. That’s what’s interesting to me. The man behind the myth.


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