At only 10 years old, Dominique Barret had no idea that a simple video camera mixed with his first opportunity for exposure on social networks was going to take him to the path of fame. Currently at 23 years old, Dominique is simply known as: King Vader.

His family has definitely been a fundamental piece in the puzzle of his life. He believes it to be the very reason that it keeps his career in focus and attention off the rest of the world. He attributes a huge portion of his success and learning everything that refers to editing and filming to his older cousin: Writer Boy -AKA Brandon, who is now his Manager. Together they are taking charge of building the best ideas and stories on the YouTube channel and other social networks.

He has many famous viral videos such as: Hood Naruto (2019), The Matrix: Reborn (2020), Pokemon Legacy (2020), just to name a few. These videos are where his creativity undoubtedly stands out. He has been responsible for the great popularity of his channel on YouTube, obtaining in a short time a large number of subscribers. One of the first things we wanted to know is the process behind filming and the production of his content. For Vader this is the process he calls: “a beautiful madness” where he is in charge of translating his drawings into ideas. He also acts and edits all of them. The only thing he does not deal with is the special effects. For that he and his team prefer to hire a specialist, always seeking to present quality and professionalism in all their filming.

In order to talk about the history and first steps of King Vader’s artistic career, you must mention his first adventure in the now defunct platform Vine. In his own words, “Vine will always be part of my past, present and promising future”. This was a bridge into his present-day career.

The magic that he creates is translatable for the audience to experience. In each of the King Vader videos on his many different platforms is due to the great effort with which he strives. Always seeking in each one of them, to convey the happiness and love that he feels towards his audience. This is his main objective: to be able to offer an opportunity for anyone looking for a space that offers entertainment, a sense of fun and allowing themselves to escape a bit from reality.

Anime and hip-hop both can be easily seen represented in all his artistic works. Hip-hop originated in the decade of the 70s in New York, represented mainly by its subgenre rap and represented a group of people who defended their ideals. These ideals are represented by a people who fought against hardships and inequalities in their community. King Vader assures us that this has become an incredible communication channel for his generation, which is why he enjoys using it as a reference in many of his films.

His other great inspiration is the Japanese Anime culture. Specifically, the movement that began in the early 1970’s creating a turn in the way anime was previously perceived. From this moment on addressing a more adult audience themes that could be a little more difficult to process such as existentialism, politics and sexuality, transmitting life’s teachings on these scenes. In order to take it with a sense of maturity and it is precisely for this that King Vader feels so fascinated by Anime. In his view, this is an artistic movement with valuable lessons from which we can learn and even take as an example in our lives.
In addition to his many talents and responsibilities, King Vader does not stop trying to occupy his mind with other projects. He has gone into much effort and detail in planning his brand at Hot Topic. They are at an accessible price point with great design and purpose. They can be acquired by all the people who seek to make a difference with their clothing.

His other major project is Wolf Graphic, his team’s YouTube channel. Which as of today has around 36,100 followers.

He himself affirms this success began without many expectations and now it is something that neither he nor his team expected. “This project has grown and in a short time has reached a power that we never imagined”. Wolf Graphic is a team made up of comedians, photographers, rappers, actors, directors, producers where they work together to collectively produce movies.

With such a successful career, it is not surprising that today King Vader has achieved a contract with one of the most popular platforms in the world such as Netflix. After achieving so much in his career that he did not expect to reach this point so soon. King Vader’s latest project Netflix “Dreams” is a TV miniseries that materialized at the end of 2020. With two chapters released on the platform to date. The first chapter The Raincoat Academy, based on the hit Netflix series Umbrella Academy and Cobra Kai Worldwide inspired by Cobra Kai. In both chapters through his dreams immerses himself in both stories, putting himself in the middle of a peculiar series.

King Vader still has many goals to achieve on his path to success. We can be assured, without a doubt that he will be a major star, that will make a difference. He will leave a mark whatever path he chooses to take but we know that it will be bright along the way.


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