Amo y Señor | Español

By Melissa Rojas Álvarez
San José, Costa Rica

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“I’m a constantly changing process.”

An imperfect summer morning, it has been the right moment to know an incredible artist.

Waiting outside his atelier, I can see him arrive in his bicycle, with full energy and good vibes; getting off his transport, there he is Erick Mora Cole, the essence and the soul of his brand Amo y Señor.

Born in 1970, inside in a middle- class – family, Erick since he has reason remembers, growing up around textiles and designs. This is thanks to her mother Mrs. Victoria, who founded her own factory specializing in the manufacture of children’s clothing, a company that later envolved into a fairly stable uniform factory, led entirely by her family, in charge of running the business ahead.

In his personal growth and the search for some reflection that would give him answers for his self-discovery, Erick makes the decision to work in his mother’s company, developing his skills and creativity. It is when after a while of working in his family business. He decides to follow this search path outside Costa Rica, seeking to live in different cultures and pursuing some light that would give him the answers he needed , always accompanied by his sensitivity and love towards art.

Celebrating his 40th birthday, Erick begins to question what is the meaning and direction of his life?, with several ideas in his head, trying deciphering his life purpose, he decides to follow his instincts and devote himself completely to fashion design, undertaking with his brand Amo y Señor.

His brand is a reflection of himself, but as Erick says, he would also expect everyone to be his own Amo y Señor. Amo y Señor, begins with his first collection presented o catwalks: called La Finca Bananera, with a clear concept and narrative, “Who I am and where I come from?”, representing his childhood and experiences, marking the seal of his brand.

For Erick Mora, his brand Amo y Señor, it is not a collection of collections, since for him all his clothes are so united that they can become one, even becoming confused without being able to identify, when one begins and another ends, being all parts of the same wardrobe, without responding to a trend, being completely timeless.

Fashion Design in Costa Rica and his perspective

A clear situation that is not a secret to anyone, is the few options that exist in Costa Rica on textiles, it is known that here only the tail of good materials arrives.

Within Erick’s experience and point of view, he points out that it would be nice to have more opportunities and textile market for designers in Costa Rica, there are materials, but there could be more.

Another problem that affects Costa Rican designers is the lack of economic stability, not having to be month to month worrying about maintaining the structure, and also a lack of business awareness, Erick acknowledges he needs to have his feet a little more on earth, being this, part of the learning of the incarnation hi is living.

The most important thing in any field and more in fashion is that people should not stop becoming victims and must take responsibility for themselves, have to stop being looking outside and see inward, with this you can get much more real things.

As a final advice, Erick thinks that designers should be present in their workshops and in the process of each piece, reviewing and making sure that his pieces are perfect, before placing them on a hanger.

“We are all different, and we should rejoice over the triumphs of others”
Erick Mora Cole

All Amo y Señor pieces, are designed by Erick, although he is not the one in charge of the entire preparation, he has the most important thing, his clinical eye that nobody can take away from him, this thanks to his mother who only liked the beautiful, the perfect and the elegant.

His designs and creations, he says, are based on what the fabric tells him to do, telling him where to cut, where to place the details, directing him to the final result. He does not always work with a sketch, it depends on the creative process that the same fabric takes him, there being the possibility that at some moments his designs are without measures, “I cut, do and undo, creating my own Frank Einstein”, others of his designs are a bit more thought, making the sketches and from these, his designs begin, becoming something more thought and controlled.

It seeks to work hand in hand with its clients based on previously presented ideas, designing a piece that as a final result has the essence of each one of its clients, achieving a satisfactory feeling, opening a door inside each one of them.
He tells the story that a while ago his 9- year old niece arrived at her studio, she start playing with a man’s coat, rolled up her sleeves and says Erick, she looked divine! All the world, say that the clothes he makes definitely looks pretty.

“They say that the clothes I make look good to everyone, it’s a rare thing but regardless of size, they look good”
Erick Mora Cole

In Amo y Señor, the pieces are made with the material that is it in his atelier, Erick makes his search for textiles from time to time and, as he says, “comb all the streets”, not looking for something in specific, hoping to be surprised. Today he keeps materials in his atelier, and loves to recycle them, mess then up and from these create new pieces, achieving a clear harmony.

Each garment has its hidden detail that marks its personal seal, being winks intentionally placed, for example each piece has antique buttons, these treasures being hidden, with the purpose that these details are only for each person who wears his designs, without need of exposing to others.

Erick tell us how he perceives the little appreciation of his pieces in his own country, notorious difference with the European client, who go crazy with his brand, Erick knows that to have succeed outside of Costa Rica, it is necessary not to distort his style and to be able to maintain that personalized connection that he maintains with his clients, because this being the essence of his brand, he likes being able to see himself in the reflection of each of his clients and that they see himself in his, creating magic.

“I think what I like is contemplation, or will it be an euphism to say that I’m lazy”
Erick Mora Cole

Definitely Amo y Señor is a journey; it’s the journey of Erick Mora Cole, or as his friend, the writer Luis Chavez assures: “Amo y Señor is a journey to its origins, it’s his journey back”


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