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Interview Kyra Greene 

What age did you start acting?
I started acting when I was about 12 years old. I did a lot of modeling before then as I had been introduced to the modeling industry at the very young age of 8 months old, then got thrown into the acting world.

What is your process for memorizing your acting lines?
like to run through a scene a few times before I begin to even analyze it or think about the lines. Usually by going through it just a hand full of times I am already pretty familiar with the material and can begin to discover and attach meaning to the words that are on the page. When I apply subtext and truth to the words written on a script, they are no longer just words that form a sentence, they become something meaningful that has intention behind which makes it feel much more real.

We first got a true glimpse of your comedy timing on Gwen’s world of weird : Is comedy your genre of choice ?
Comedy was definitely one of my favorite genres when I first began because it felt so natural to me. However, as time progressed I started to become more intrigued by more dramatic characters and choices so I pushed myself to put more effort into those areas of creativity. That being said, I feel that I still have that pretty strong sense of comedic timing as it always came pretty naturally to me but I would love to explore it as time goes on.

You were part of the Chicken Girls series as well ?

What did you like most about you experience on Chicken girls?
What I most liked about working on Chicken Girls was how quickly the cast was to welcome me into their world and introduce me to all sorts of opportunities and guide me through my first big steps in the acting and media world. I cliqued really well with everyone and made some amazing relationships throughout my time on the show. There were moments on set where I would forget that I was even on set because it felt more like some friends hanging out and having a good time. At the age that I started working on Chicken Girls that was the type of show that I had imagined myself working on and I had an amazing time.

Currently you’re in Atlanta Filming?
Yes, I’m in Atlanta filming the Nancy Drew spinoff “Tom Swift” on The CW.

What is the name of your character ?
My character’s name is Lino, short for Angelino Kareem Swift, and he is one of the dopest people you will ever come across. Lino has such an uplifting and fun spirit and he rarely lets anything kill his vibe. He is outrageously athletic and can pick up any sport he wishes to almost instantly, it’s almost supernatural. He looks up to Tom because Tom and the Swift family are the only people that he can ground himself to and call his family. He didn’t have either of his parents growing up and that burden is something that Lino wants to overcome, and as the show progresses we will see just what steps he takes in order to do so. The constant memory or lack thereof when referring to his biological family is something that sits with Lino constantly.

Is your character anything like you in real life?
Lino and I are pretty reminiscent of one another in some areas for sure. We’re both very playful souls who try to always keep the vibes good and the energy up, but we also similarly like to cover up some of the emotional/ bad days with a smile and playful attitude. I’d also like to say I’m pretty athletic myself. Lino’s style is out of this world and is something that I would like to incorporate into my life because I like to dress up when I can and all of Lino’s fits are on point. There is also an unexplainable charisma that Lino has and I’ve been told I myself has as well, and I mean that in the most humble way possible.

If you could do an acting scene in any genre, any actor/actress dead or alive, what genre and what actor/actress would it be? I would love to perform a sort of drama with some light comedic moments sprinkled into the mix with Leonardo Di Caprio. Think Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Leo has always been an inspiration of mine and I know being in his presence is something that would push me to better my craft and exceed my creative limits. I also feel the genre in itself is the perfect mix of fun and serious, which makes it so difficult, and I want to prove to myself that I can work in that environment and do it well.

What’s your favorite food spot in ATL?
Currently, my favorite food spot in Atlanta is W.H. Stiles Fish Camp at the Ponce City Market. They have the best lobster roll that I have ever put my hands on and it is also one of the largest lobster rolls I’ve ever seen. It’s not something you can eat every day but I can say pretty certainly that is the best Lobster roll that I will have in Atlanta.

Who are your top 5 music artists on your playlist currently ?
My top five music artists are Juice Wrld, Kanye, Travis Scott, Logic, and Drake


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