Hair in a Bottle

What Is Hair In A Bottle?
Hair Concealment product for thinning or balding areas that can be used by all genders and is made up of 100% Human Hair. Statically charged hair
fibers create an instant bond to your existing hair and scalp. Within seconds of using The Hair In A Bottle for the first time you will notice your hair is fuller and natural looking. Other hair fiber products are made of keratin which is a powder-like substance that looks unnatural and if you have a larger area to cover, the product will start to clump or look paint-like.

Thinning and balding, occurs in all age groups and genders due to many reasons that include health, stress, hairstyles, and products. The Hair In A Bottle contains the finest grade of Human Hair. When you apply the fibers to either your head or facial hair areas, the color will blend in perfectly and be undetectable even for the most up-close moments.

Currently we offer nine colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Blonde, Light Blonde, Gray, and Auburn and it will
match any hair texture and pattern. You will be able to go about your normal daily task without worrying about Hair In A Bottle since it is wind,
sweat, and water resistant.


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