By Melissa Rojas

Photographers: Bronco and the Tiger @broncoandthetiger 
Hair and Makeup 
First Artist: Henry @henrymakeupartist 
Second Artist: Diana Mesa @dmt_mua
Stylist: Melissa Rojas @meli_rojas.a
Location: Aegency @aegency

Good or bad, but they are always talking about me.

Having the opportunity to talk and meet through her own words, a Latin public figure like the controversial Costa Rican model and singer Melissa Mora, is something that definitely should not be denied. Unquestionably just mentioning her name generates controversy, a situation with which she has been surrounded and with which she has had to deal from an early age at 15 years old. A personality as strong and determined as she is, manages to even create divisions between people, where one half of them admire her and the other part dedicates herself to criticizing, turning her into an extremely interesting woman, and which awakens the need to know her in depth.

A Controversial Woman
Melissa has accumulated various occupations that have led her to stand out as a successful businesswoman, model, singer, wife and mother, but before any of these titles, she is a valuable woman who describes herself as strong, confident and mainly proud of what she has done. achieved at 32 years. It has not been easy at all having to face and learn to cope with a public life, in which she has been judged and criticized on many occasions for her performance in the world of modeling and allowing herself to be photographed in recognized magazines showing her body and sexuality . Adding to this having to also bear it hand in hand with her role as mother and wife, becoming a challenge in which Melissa assures that she has managed to face it with sincerity and transparency, having full assurance that her husband as well as her daughter They really know who she is and that one thing is the image that she projects in her work and another is very different from what she really is, knowing that she is more than an image that shows her body, feeling happy and calm from so much her husband and daughter respect and trust her judgment to honestly do your job.

“I have been very lucky in my career.”
Her career in the artistic medium began when she was 15 years old, she was invited to participate in her first photographs of a catalog of clothes to sleep and play sports, she says that she liked this experience so much that together with the support of her mother decided together little to Little to go forging a solid path in an artistic career based at first in his country Costa Rica. Melissa affirms she was never short of opportunities to perform in this area, advancing and accumulating experiences that filled her and encouraged her to progress, climbing steps going from modeling to participation in television and musical interpreter, accumulating successes inside and outside the her country. Here great pride is being able to assure with full confidence that she has always had the support of the people she has needed and that also the job opportunities she has never stopped receiving since she decided to start her artistic career, becoming an experience of satisfying and special life. Melissa Mora has accumulated 17 years of a successful professional career, which has allowed her to accumulate different experiences and of which she confesses she does not regret absolutely anything she has done, on the contrary, she feels proud of each and every one of the jobs that she has done in the course of this journey, admitting that although she knows many of these opportunities have been surrounded by criticism, they have been her best experiences that she has proudly accumulated in her life and they are the ones that have allowed her to emerge and meet extremely valuable people.

“No one tells me what to do and what not to do.”
Melissa is a woman who easily enjoys showing her body in a sensual way, with full confidence and freedom, but if she is very clear that she has never wanted to project or render her image as only sexual content, she does not like the idea of being seen and used as a sexual object, her limits and how far she would go has always been very clear, finding herself far from using her social networks as a platform in which she shows her body for sexual purposes, making clear her respect for women who if they wish to do so but are convinced that this is definitely not her objective.


Today her presence in the artistic field is still valid, only that thanks to her professional experiences she now chooses wisely and more consciously the projects in which she wants to participate, prioritizing also having enough time for her most recent business project , with which she has been dreaming for 8 years but until recently she was able to make it a reality, Troya Jeans. Dedicating herself to distributing and designing jeans, with the help of textile manufacturing from Colombia, with the support of numerous boutiques as a sales point in the national territory, her great pride in this new venture is being able to offer innovation and the best prices to her customers with excellent quality.

Melissa Mora doubts that she has on her wish list any pending in her life to do, she is clear about her great objective which is to be able to dedicate herself to her family and always maintaining her positive attitude that characterizes her, receiving all the opportunities that life gives her. want to present.


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