Jennifer Pierre, and Her Aura

By Melissa Rojas Álvarez
San José, Costa Rica
Jennifer Pierre, and Her Aura

Happy Full Moon, Namaste, are words and phrases that you receive from Jenn… A small town girl, with a unique style, who creates an impact when walking down the street, with her great blonde hair, full of energy. A New Yorker, to whom her blood runs: passion, madness and love of art.

Jennifer Pierre grew up in a small town on Long Island, New York, for her, there was no more important purpose than to stand out and shine with her work, always creating “out of the box designs”, pieces that convey happiness arousing interest in the people, getting that freedom to allow themselves to be.

In her creations and designs Jennifer also has a component that makes her stand out; Chakra intuition for the mind, body and soul, complementing it with art, a key detail for her brand life. Knowledge acquired thanks to her Bachelor of Criminal Psychology.

Jenn began her career, surrounding herself with entrepreneurs and creative designers. Learning about the way and how they have left their mark in the world. This being an endless learning, also receiving help from the artists, influencers and friends with whom she worked in the past, allowing herself
to evolve, change and reach the point she wanted.

Kandee Gems

Kandee Gems, is a gift from Jennifer to the world, a unique opportunity for each person to dare to be themselves, but always standing out as a jewel, polishing that gem that each one has inside, this being the end and sense of the existence of this incredible brand.

When it came time to create her Kandee Gems brand, Jenn wanted to turn this in a story and see, how this story grew day by day, exactly as if it were a human being, in her quirky style of running her business, she always preferred to go for different paths. One of her great characteristics for which her brand excels is that her main idea was not to keep Kandee Gems as a one thing, defending her thinking: one door closes another one opens when it comes to Kandee Gems.

The gems have been inspired from the beginning in the inner beauty of women, taking into account stones, lingerie and art. The idea is not only to use them for women, is for all those who need a little love, and seeking to cure the illumination within each one.

One of the components with which the Kandee Gems pieces are worked, is sage, used to cleanse the soul, in an open vibrant environment. Sage wrapped in fresh rose petals is used, resulting in a combination of cleanliness and sweetness.

For Jenn, her beginning and approach to the world of precious stones began when she decided to collect small stones, where little by little her interest grew, later collecting different sizes and shapes. Then after having different types in here stones collections, the desire to work with them began to awaken in her, carving and cutting them, combining with marble, paint and of course art. Thanks to the stones and their power, Jennifer has managed to find healing, her environment and to her clients, helping them to understand each other, in a different ways.

“You are your soul, your Aura”

“You are your soul, your Aura”, is a model that we all are made up of Stardust, is being part of the universe in a unique and special way, an inspiration, loving themselves and discovering their light, their brightest Aura.

Kandee Gems is an unique and special brand, the pieces are limited edition, becoming a special treasure, and they offer the certainty that their designs will not be copied again, they are created and thought for one just person and only one, confirming the personal stamp of Kandee Gems.

A perfect example of how special her creations are, is The Yang Moon, from her first painting (this being her favorite), a piece designed by Jenn intuitively by the Chakra, showing the moon and the starts, and how everyone is connected, going left and right within each vibration of the universe, finding a balance of life.

For Jennifer, her inspiration is to design quality over quantity, she is inspired by an idea, thought and vision, until the moments comes when her designs and creations finally come to life.

If you come to question or think about types of precious stones that are essential to improve people’s lives (whether they are men or women), Jenn thinks of the perfect one, The Pink Quartz, a very old stone is characterized by giving and growing self- love, something important and fundamental in life, and curiously one of the first things that is often forgotten.

On other hand you can also talk about the Amethyst, purple stone, responsible for giving vibrant balance in life. One can speak of a very popular one, Jade with its light green color, transmitting through it energy and responsible for the result of perspectives in positive vibrations.

“Change your energy; change your point of attraction”

Phrase that welcomes you in the Blog of Kandee Gems, which was created by your boutique. This blog cover topics such as travel, adventures and one of the most important and essential, meditation. Jen began her writing career a several years ago, adding her first book on self- help in love and relationships to her experience list. Book that she named : Traveling Souls, in which he focuses on the meditation sessions that the Chakra maintains, affirming the fact that the Soul is always traveling, definitely a book that all people who are interested in knowing should read more about the trips made by his soul, highly recommended!

Jenn at the end of the conversation, says goodbye thanking her community for the support and trust in her products, designed and destined to inspire aspirations and wishes for the journey of each person , stressing that you must never forget being true to yourself, leaving whenever things flow, while still feeling their vibrations.

Namaste, Jenn.


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